Monobenzone anti vitiligo cream mumbai india
  About Benoquik    

Benoquik is a premium brand of QUIK PHARMA which offers a basket of products targeted towards treatment of vitiligo and similar skin conditions. Our constant effort lies in continuous Research & Developments in fields of Dermaceuticals to introduce New and Niche Molecules.

QUIK PHARMA has been in the pharmaceutical industry for 26 years.

Our constant focus has been in: -

  • Providing well-researched innovative products to treat ailments
  • Keeping customer satisfaction at the center of all our business endeavors
  • Providing products which are cost-effective and quality focused
  • Striving to successfully meet all challenges relating to brand and product developments


Disclaimer: Monobenzone is a potent depigmentation agent. It is neither a skin fairness cream nor mild cosmetic bleach. Monobenzone is not used for treating freckles, sun damage, sun spots, and age spots, skin discoloration caused by hormone medicine, perfumes, pregnancy, or skin trauma.